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SkullDuggery Theatre has had many stages of life.  It's origin comes from short plays being performed next to a local Pizza Shoppe in Omaha, NE back in 2007.  The company began to produce full length mid -west premier plays.  A highlight of the company came when SkullDuggery won an OEA award for a premiere of the acapella musical Brick, based on the music of Ben Folds in 2010.  S.T. brached out into comedy creating an improv and a sketch comedy group. In 2013, S.T. joined forces with Director Aaron Gum (AG Pictures) to make its first feature  film based on an original short play "The Penis Dialogues" that debuted in the first production ever back in 2017.  That movie would become, Bent Over Neal.  An edited cleaner version would be created changing the name to Stuck on Neal.  From there SkullDuggery Theatre would move on to create a WebSeries, two additional Feature films, and a slew of shorts.

The Team

Walter Shatley

Walter is an accomplished actor on stage and screen. He has a BFA from  the University of Oklahoma . His Skullduggery feature film credits include "Bent Over Neal," "Stuck on Neal," "Endor," and "Level Up."  He also balanced comedy and drama in the Skullduggery web series "Stuck" as Liam.  Outside credits include "Making Arrangements," "Ambush Avenue," and "Backwash."

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